Friday, September 02, 2011

Why your pup should be 8 weeks of age before you adopt

In a study by L. Pierantoni, M. Albertini, F. Pirrone it showed that puppies taken from their mother and littermates earlier than 8 weeks of age were more prone to developing behavior problems. Below are the findings. The first number represents pups removed early from the litter that developed behavior issues. The second number represents pups that remained with the litter until at least 8 weeks but also developed issues.

Destructiveness: 47/16
Excessive Barking: 63/21
Fearfulness on walks: 53/7
Reactivity to noises: 81/39
Toy possessiveness: 34/4
Food possessiveness: 34/7
Attention-seeking: 87/49
Aversion to strangers: 60/24
Stranger aggression: 23/4
Owner aggression: 17/9
Play biting: 28/3
Tail chasing: 14/1
House Soiling: 26/10